Our  After School Program accepts Pace Vouchers which includes our Taekwondo Program.



“I am striving to make martial arts a positive force in the lives of children and adults. With the assistance of my immediate family and the extended family of U.S. Taekwondo. I look forward each day to the commitment, I have made here in Fall River.

that is to have the best school, with the best instructors and to make U.S. Taekwondo

the best place to train in the art of Martial Art.”

                                                                                    -MASTER LEE-






- 25 years of Taekwondo Experience.

- Graduate Seoul Physical Education high school Taekwondo major. - 1999-2000.

- Junior member of National Team. (Heavy-weight)

- 2000 Junior National Champion.(Heavy-weight)

- Gold Medalist 2002 World Championship  Tournaments at Toronto (Heavy-weight)

- Graduate South Korea Sang-Myoung University Physical Education major.

- 2005-2008 -South Korea Sang-Myoung University Taekwondo Head Coach.

- Head Master at U.S. Taekwondo Center

- Head Master for Taekwondo Graduation in IS204 Public Elementary School

- 15 years of Taekwondo Player and 10 Years of Teaching Taekwondo Education.